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Culture never sleeps

We create culture every day with what we say and do. It’s in the tiny details, as well as the grand gestures. With each action, we reinforce or diminish the values that often compete to guide and control an organisation’s culture. Culture changes over time, sometimes dramatically, sometimes imperceptibly, which is why we need to pay attention to it. It never sleeps.

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How leaders can help create mentally healthy workplaces

Statistics can sometimes overwhelm. The figures pile up, and we lose sight of what the numbers mean. Take, for instance, the statistics around mental health in Australia:

  • One in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime.

  • One-quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime.

  • One in nine Australians is currently experiencing high or very high psychological distress.

  • Around eight people die each day in Australia by suicide.

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Make your next 10 years count

You’re a successful professional, respected by your colleagues and confident about your place in the scheme of things. It’s a great place to be, but it’s important not to get complacent. This is the time for you to start making plans for the next decade of your life; to make the next ten years of your life count.

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